Pen + Paper > iPhone + MacBook Pro: Entrepreneurship, Old-School Style

In today’s Web 2.0, always-connected, smartphone-toting era, it is increasingly uncommon to do anything as remotely pre-June 2007 (or, for our more traditional readers, before the iPhone) as use a pen and paper for high-level executive planning.

Yet this is precisely what the CSO of Mediolana has chosen to do. Tired of forever staring at his MacBook Pro and looking for an entrepreneurial experience even more tactile than an Apple Inc. keyboard, these photographs clearly depict someone utilising a Paper Mate pen together with a pre-Fukushima Made in Japan pink Muji highlighter for those all-important strategic outlining moments.

In this epoch of electronic everything, it is all too easy to forget how constricting and limiting devices of supposedly limitless productivity can be; the simple clarity afforded by a piece of paper and a quality writing implement is in many senses far superior – not to mention cheaper – than anything the realm of electronica has – at least to date – generated. The fact that this photographic record was made possible by the CSO’s iPhone only serves to reinforce this point.


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4 responses to “Pen + Paper > iPhone + MacBook Pro: Entrepreneurship, Old-School Style

  1. SaveTheWorld

    That’s plain wrong. No one else will be able to read your writing, not even you in a year’s time. You can’t locate it by Google searching. It’s selfish to not make it available to the universalist consciousness of the internet. Is your paper really cheaper than the cost of the equivalent bytes on the internet? Remember some poor tree was chopped down to give you luxury of the folding stuff. And when you’re tired of it, can you simply delete it or does a trashman have to come, take it somewhere, for it to be buried, burned etc.? Environmentally, economically, ethically your stance is wrong.

    • This method requires neither the exploitation of ‘our slaves in Asia’ nor expensive marketing campaigns or the construction of personality cults; paper is entirely biodegradable, and not everything of value should be accessible via Google. Next!

  2. Exactly, screw those Scandinavian forests…ooops!

    A smart move. Do you know how much every company could save by reverting to paper and pen?

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