Mediolana: Building the .com, Layer By Layer

To the more curious of this blog’s readership it may well be a case of preaching to the converted, but we would like to use this post to extend a tentative invitation to all those perusing these words to head across to, where the penultimate wave of web development is shortly going to be commenced by our Mediterranean team. Observant surfers will already note that our corporate website – constructed using über-fashionable content management system Drupal – is more than beginning to take shape, with the website equivalent of a pizza base now firmly in place.

Building a website is something that has been very easy for much longer than most people think: way before the world had ever heard of WordPress or Facebook fan pages, web hosts and ISPs alike were promising to hand prospective and actual users of the WWW a viable online presence in a matter of minutes: portals such as FortuneCity and GeoCities – the names of both echoing the bright lights of what was, for most people, a brand new medium – made mass access to digital publishing a reality in the mid-to-late 1990s.

But now – as then – to construct something of real economic value and durability is an entirely different proposition. Fashionable fonts change seemingly by the week; corporate images transmogrify almost as easily; and usability and the ability to update a website, arguably the two most important considerations of all in this context, are often relegated to the status of an afterthought. Months of planning, testing, amending, rethinking, scrapping, redesigning and reinstating are practically essential if one is to make something meaningful. We’re nearly there!



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2 responses to “Mediolana: Building the .com, Layer By Layer

  1. I like the variety of languages that are potentially on offer…

  2. Many thanks. French and Vietnamese could be next!

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