Analogue -v- Electronic Entrepreneurship: The Debate Hots Up!

We at Mediolana fully admit that this blog is not amongst the most controversial on the Internet (with the result that most of the time our legal team is distinctly relaxed), but our post dated 1st July 2012 – Pen + Paper > iPhone + MacBook Pro: Entrepreneurship, Old-School Style – certainly ruffled a few feathers; our claim that the time-honoured combination of paper and pen can in many senses be a superior cognitive tool than computers and mobile telephones led to accusations of advocating environmentally-unfriendly practices and not sharing the knowledge ethic of the Internet.

Yet after another session in a glass-dominated branch of Pret on London’s iconic Strand with nothing but a Moleskine planner and some traditional writing implements for company, we are even firmer in our view that there is nothing to match the tactile freedom afforded by them. Even extraordinarily sophisticated telephones with capacitive touchscreens the size of small televisions are nowhere near as liberating or easy to sketch or link ideas on; moreover, the inherent limitation of viewing one screen at a time will likely not be transcended for a long time. Organic peppermint tea has never been so purposeful.


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One response to “Analogue -v- Electronic Entrepreneurship: The Debate Hots Up!

  1. It’s nice that you had a pleasant and productive time at Pret. However the issues that you raise do have implications in this time of transition. You were brainstorming/reflecting/chewing through ideas alone, but the modern world is built of systems and organisations. We’re networked and connected in so many different way. Information flow defines the age. Access to the internet is now a human right, but it is also a desirability, and perhaps one day a necessity. For old-school people like yourself there will soon be electronic paper, pens that record your writing digitally, or perhaps, if you allow, direct scanning of your thoughts; which will permit you to simulate your Pret experience (of aloneness) whilst at the same time connecting you to the modern reality.

    Many young people already type faster than they can write. Offices and organisations are increasingly paperless, for good reasons because a piece of paper can only be in one place at a time. Paper and pen discriminates against those with vision problems who cannot change the size of the text. When looked at it in this way, one can see that you have already lost the debate.

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