The 2012 Summer Olympics: Impressions Of An ABC1

As a company headquartered in a city that some wish to rapidly become synonymous with the Olympic Games, we are often asked (not least by ourselves) what it means to be in located in such a metropolis. And the truth may sound strange given that in London’s great public spaces the 2012 Summer Olympics have become pretty much ineluctable and that as a corporation our members fall into the ABC1 demographic: it means almost nothing to us at all.

The above sticker is a demonstration of the simultaneous proximity and distance that many across the UK’s capital doubtless feel: affected by the high-caste extravaganza occurring within the boundaries of their own metropolis to the extent that a certain shade of pink is now all-enveloping across transportation infrastructure even in London’s remotest corners. But this is no remaking of a city; rather, it symbolises a rebranding, a media-enabled escapism from the realities of recession, long-term decline and a future defined by uncertainty.


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2 responses to “The 2012 Summer Olympics: Impressions Of An ABC1

  1. Whilst Mediolana has given a factually correct account of the Olympics and London, it could perhaps also consider embracing a more positive ‘what should we do now to make the best of things’ attitude. London remains an interesting and perhaps successful city. Once the escapist euphoria of the Olympics has died down, it might be left a slightly better place, though poorer by about £10 billion.

    • This company’s enthusiasm for the Olympics is unyielding; what we object to is the fiscal opagueness, curious traffic segregation and colossal misallocation of resources. In our opinion, this fiesta should have been awarded to Doha.

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