Resistance is Useless: Three Hot Survival Tips for SME Entrepreneurs

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 11.46.15In our 24-7-52 world (which is perhaps moving towards a phase of post-globalisation), the potential demands on our time have never been as taxing; with the added dimension of cyberspace, activities that were once constrained by such small factors as time and geography are never more than a click or swipe away. The truth of this state of affairs is felt even more intensely by SME entrepreneurs, who usually feel compelled to attend to huge numbers of individual tasks – except with resources that anyone at a larger enterprise would find unacceptable and unrealistic.

So what can SME entrepreneurs do to machete their way through to the clearing of productivity? What follows are three Mediolana tips for resistance-free business:

1. Keep Good Company. SMEs may not have a great deal of cash at their disposal – but increasingly in the (post-)developed world, neither does anyone else. Moreover, with business solutions increasingly scalable, most CEOs of SMEs will doubtless be surprised as to the size and nature of companies that are more than interested in partnering with them. Leverage their power towards increasing the value of your own products and reap the rewards.

2. Avoid Conflict. Heading off the cowboys at the pass – however these dangers may manifest themselves – is simply essential. The limited duration of the day – no one has yet managed to extend it much beyond 24 hours – means that spending time (not to mention energy) on conflict, whether this be in chatrooms, forums or via the exchange of communications between legal representatives, is an expressway to self-sabotage.

3. Cut Your Losses. Persistence with any idea or person is vital – unless it’s a total no-brainer that the opportunity cost of doggedness is jeopardising the point of the enterprise. As the 2006 FIFA World Cup round of sixteen match between former tier-two imperial powers Holland and Portugal illustrated, if entities are hell-bent on destruction, even the most lenient arbiter will have no choice but to brandish card after card – almost invariably, some of them will be red.

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2 responses to “Resistance is Useless: Three Hot Survival Tips for SME Entrepreneurs

  1. I don’t disagree with your article, but I don’t agree with boiling it down to 3 survival tips. Life is not that simple, though lessons which can be expressed in simple terms must of course be learned. The failing of many companies is the inability to appreciate and grasp the complexity of modern day economic environments. My single tip would be to open one’s eyes as much as possible to see what’s really happening and to expect to adapt to it all the time.

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