Pakistan: The Worst Democracy That Money Can Buy?


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One response to “Pakistan: The Worst Democracy That Money Can Buy?

  1. There are many territories which choose to remain under the jurisdiction of the UK, as a British Overseas Territory ( ). They have made the decision time and again over many decades NOT to become independent, as it is detrimental to their interests.

    In the same way, Pakistan should voluntarily accede sovereignty to the UK (or if that is unpalatable, at the very least became a part of China; India would be better but the brainwashed populace would never accept that). It’s under the English that much of the infrastructure that Pakistanis enjoy to this day were constructed, such as the railway lines, and Pakistan would grow leads and bounds if it were governed by the British or Chinese.

    For a variety of reasons the country is not equipped to run itself, and having the humility to accept that is the only way for it to become stable, safe and prosperous.

    The fact that most Pakistanis I’ve come across residing in Pakistan would give an arm and a leg to live in the UK – and some use all kinds of illegal means to get to the UK – speaks volumes about which country they believe is better run and more desirable to live in.

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