In Vine, Veritas: Mediolana’s CSO and the Cinéma Vérité Years

As explicitly stated on this blog back at the end of May, Mediolana is adding yet more social media channels to its portfolio, not least Vine. Below is our CSO’s first, on-the-hoof and totally elementary effort: a homage to Sofia Coppola, set in ever-funky London W12. Flugtag!



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3 responses to “In Vine, Veritas: Mediolana’s CSO and the Cinéma Vérité Years

  1. Mediolana, go, go, go. Wish you well on the Vine adventure, but totally don’t understand the film. Are the 2 people in the film dancing? Do they know each other? Should they be introduced? Why does the guy change direction? Is he alright? Did you ask the London Underground before you filmed on their premises? Did you ask Sofia Coppola before you filmed her poster?

    Awesome film, but should be banned.

  2. Now that Mediolana is on a bit of a roll with Vine videos, we hope to see your Vine version of The Bling Ring distilling its meaning and philosophy into 6 seconds. We at OctopodaTech ask because we know Mediolana retains that essential connection to youth culture.

    • There could be some copyright issues with that particular proposal, but funnily enough there are plenty more Vine videos in the offing. My lips, alas, are not so much sealed as incognisant at the present moment as to what those might be.

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