Mediolana’s YouTube Channel: Creaking Into Action!

It may bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘nothing special’, but the first public video at Mediolana’s YouTube channel in bloomin’ ages is a Vine-esque eight-second tribute to the football club that is Chelsea, a team that is located within walking distance from our company headquarters on Kensington High Street.

But it is art?  You decide!



Filed under Football, Urban Life

2 responses to “Mediolana’s YouTube Channel: Creaking Into Action!

  1. It is undoubtedly art. Whilst we at AmbianceReview disagree slightly with Mediolana’s new marketing strategy of going for a more cultish following, it is noted that Seth Godin’s success lies in selling himself as the product. We wish Mediolana well with its YouTube videos and eagerly await further productions.

  2. Eeriely enough, a copy of ‘Lynchpin’ by no other than Mr. Godin himself was recently spotted on our CSO’s desk…

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