Chelsea: A Sociologist’s Fantasy!

Yesterday’s post featuring an eight-second video of some graffiti declaring an allegiance to Chelsea Football Club reminded our CSO of the changing dynamics of a neighbourhood which is adjacent to that hosting Mediolana’s London HQ. Chelsea (as distinct from the football club vaunting its name) is in many ways a paradigm for exploring the trends of globalisation and financialisation:

  1.  1%. The streets off the world-famous King’s Road – a thoroughfare that has been a byword for fashion and glamour for the best part of five decades – are paved not merely with gold, but computer-generated credit. Financial industries professionals are now a significant presence in a part of London where whitewashed houses and pristine pavements are of a level seen only in the world’s most expensive neighbourhoods.
  2. 99%. Traces of a modernist, shabbier Chelsea remain in the form of the area around the World’s End, where near-socialist-era tower blocks act as a reminder that even a prestige location is no guarantee of a dreamlike cityscape.
  3. 100%? Chelsea has transformed from a parochial neighbourhood marked by racism and social exclusion to an area that is part film set, part film set annexe. Whether this is a recipe for stability or insanity, only time will tell.


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2 responses to “Chelsea: A Sociologist’s Fantasy!

  1. I think Chelsea is just a fantasy full stop. Designer shops do not represent the real world, and it’s best to always remember that in these economically turbulent times.

    • Granted…it is amazing to walk around, however. Particularly the residential areas near the south of the King’s Road, most of the way towards Fulham Broadway. Worth a stroll if ever one needs a change of scene…

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