Disorientation Much? Southwest London ‘The New African Savannah’!

On another sweltering day in Western Europe’s largest and most pivotal metropolis – daytime temperatures in this part of the world are presently hovering at around 28°C – Mediolana’s CSO decided to head out to one of the city’s many green spaces, Richmond Park, to get some respite from the suffocating heat. But as he traipsed deeper into the 2,360 acre tree-fest, it felt as if he had swapped London for Central Africa. Could this city’s largest Royal Park end up playing Toronto to the birthplace of humankind’s New York?



Filed under Culture, Urban Life

2 responses to “Disorientation Much? Southwest London ‘The New African Savannah’!

  1. Another awesome Vine from Mediolana. Now touching on the topic of the origin of Mankind and our disconnectedness from nature and from our origins. And in capturing the aridity present in the normally luscious woods of Richmond Park making us think of the global wars over water to come.

    • Many thanks for your kind evaluation. Whenever I think of water wars, I can’t help but focus on the tremendous amount of water usage (wastage, really) that such operations entail.

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