Adventures in Nutella: The Economics and Reification of Chocolate Spread

The latest in our CSO’s series of videos produced using the mobile application Vine sees Asad Yawar using the medium to highlight the increasing inaccessibility to the consumer society that many of its previous members have begun to experience in post-developed societies (2007-). The first shot is a near-POV shot of a shopper staring at the back of a 750g jar of Nutella®, arguably Italian firm Ferrero SpA’s most successful and iconic product. The camera then switches to a similar shot of the price – £3.76 (nearly €4.40) – and the accompanying per-100g pricing breakdown. The accordingly empty shopping basket is clearly a reference to the shopper’s inability to afford the jar of chocolate spread, but the presence of unripe bananas is suggestive of unrealised potential. The final shot of a well-stocked aisle bereft of shoppers shows Yawar at his most ironic.



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4 responses to “Adventures in Nutella: The Economics and Reification of Chocolate Spread

  1. Perhaps also there is meaning in the chocolate being ‘spreadable’; scarce resources being sprinkled ever more lightly on more and more people, the pliable populations that have let the banking crisis happen, the subjugation of nature to our will, the power of force versus truth

  2. We notice that Mediolana tends to use a lot of ‘still’ shots in its Vines, i.e. it’s more of a photo-montage than a film. Whilst this works, we submit more effective use of Vine could be made by having more movement in each shot.

    • The problem with the six-second format is that unless a moving shot is really clear, it can degenerate into incomprehensible blurriness. But we essentially agree with you. Perhaps the new Nokia phone camera will resolve this issue once its kind of spec becomes normal.

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