War Children: Syrian Minors ‘In Biblical Exodus’!



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2 responses to “War Children: Syrian Minors ‘In Biblical Exodus’!

  1. Having lost their moral authority, military confidence and domestic unity in unnecessary ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and Nato don’t really know what to do and realise they don’t have the influence they used to. They supported the resistance because it was easy to do so, and they had learned how to used proxies in Iraq and Libya. Problem is what happens next? And what should happen next? The US and Nato simply don’t know.

    • Unfortunately, lack of strategic overview has reached chronic levels within many major power blocs. Within NATO the problems (particularly cluelessness) are clear, but I’d also say that by being inflexible the SCO is only kicking the problems of its own member states down the road. Authoritarianism 1.0 in the age of Internet 2.0 is at very best a risky proposition.

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