The Environment of Words: A Literary Scene from the Desk of Mediolana’s CSO!


This scene from the main desk of Mediolana’s Asad Yawar sees the company’s Creative Director & CSO in an increasingly playful mood. The two novels on the somewhat chaotic pile of papers signify that Yawar has been working on some sort of non-technical literature. The blank iPhone screen, which lends an air of serenity to the composition, contrasts slightly with the bright pink heart-shaped Post-It notes which adorn his desk; although superficially frivolous, the handwriting on these notes reveal long lists of (presumably yet-to-be-completed) tasks that await its author. The particular quality of light can be explained by the settings on the Canon 7D camera with which this photograph was taken, in addition to the unique properties of the 50mm lens manufactured by the same Japanese corporation.


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