Roaring into the Future: Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright!

Asad Yawar’s latest piece in the Vine medium sees Mediolana‘s Creative Director & CSO tackle the subject of post-financialisation consumerism. With large parts of the global economy in free-fall, credit-contingent customers have seen their purchasing power eroded, making the success of stores such as Tiger almost inevitable. This fierce-sounding chain – which vaunts over 200 stores in Europe – is a sort of Danish mini-IKEA without the flat-pack furniture, proffering household items at an ostensibly modest cost: all goods are priced in whole pounds, with nothing in a UK-based Tiger possessing a tag of more than £30.00 (c.€35.78).

This focus on price without questioning is the core of Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright. The bulk of the film consists of three price tags for three quotidian objects – a ceramic dispenser, a bath mat and a black plastic bag with flowers – before an extreme close-up of an undermined article. This latter shot may resemble society’s collective surrender to an imagined domesticity which these products project.


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