Waiting for the Bus that Never Comes? A Meditation on Change from London’s Trafalgar Square

The latest piece of video art by Mediolana’s Creative Director and CSO Asad Yawar sees him continuing to address contemporary urban issues. Waiting for Change captures the sense of anticipation at a bus stop in Central London, with the digital countdown board scrolling through the expected times of arrival of a series of popular trunk routes. The specific context of this piece is the introduction of the New Bus for London (‘NB4L’) on iconic route 11 on 21st September 2013; the irony of this work is that the NB4L itself is not featured. Yawar may be drawing attention to the fact that processes of change are often unsatisfactorily slow and their results uncertain. Paradoxically, our perceptions of time in the present age may be raising our expectations of what can be achieved within a given timescale to unrealistic levels. Waiting for Change could also be a mild reproach directed towards an increasingly impatient, post-instant gratification society.


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Filed under Culture, Technology, Urban Life

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