All Roads Lead to…: A Meditation on Destiny

The intriguingly-titled All Roads Lead to… sees Asad Yawar – the Creative Director and CSO of Mediolana – in an unusually contemplative frame of mind. This Vine video can be viewed as a continuation of Yawar’s previous work on urban themes, but instead of the emphasis on speed and movement – even implicit – seen in pieces such as Waiting for Change, Yawar chooses to depict a single, stationary shot of an empty road on the edge of London. This appears to be an invitation to the viewer to consider their life trajectory and find a clear path ahead, though some observers may find the lack of traffic on the highway discomfiting; the subtle clouds in an otherwise bright blue sky might represent the innate complexity of even the most ostensibly straightforward existences.



Filed under Culture, Media, Technology, Urban Life

2 responses to “All Roads Lead to…: A Meditation on Destiny

  1. I think you guys at Mediolana have drunk too many Vines. It’s just a street doing nothing

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