Economic Climate Change: A New Paradigm for Consumerism?

In contrast to his previous piece The Trashcan of Society?, in Economic Climate Change Mediolana Creative Director & CSO and emerging video artist Asad Yawar focuses his lens on a domestic object which nevertheless has macrocosmic ramifications: the washing machine. In a large London household goods store catering to the planet’s aspirational lower middle-classes sits a sparkling white domestic appliance whose tag nevertheless reveals an uncomfortable truth: one of its unique selling points is that it can be set to commence cleaning three, six or nine hours in advance, either for user convenience or when the electricity rate is lower. The central message that unthinking, uncritical consumption is a thing of the past and that every usage demands auditing will not be lost on householders across the developed world; the final shot, a childlike stare at the washing machine door, is possibly a reference to a simpler, more naïve era.



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2 responses to “Economic Climate Change: A New Paradigm for Consumerism?

  1. We’re all eco-activists now, or at least have the option to be. There are many many devices that can be purchased which will make us greener, and it is shameful that so many of us don’t use them. We’ve got to become much more conscious of how so much that we do unthinkingly is harming the planet.

    • We desperately need a much bigger cultural shift towards environmental protection. SMEs in particular must take more responsibility for their actions. Being small (or big) is no excuse for ignoring environmental obligations.

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