Une journée de plus au paradis? Food Banks in France ‘Swamped’!


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2 responses to “Une journée de plus au paradis? Food Banks in France ‘Swamped’!

  1. I think a sort of stealth poverty is happening in Western Europe. A series of self-happening events that cannot apparently be blamed on any one person is making more and more people dependent on food banks. People are slowly getting poorer, though many are still in homes and jobs, and a lot of it is happening to the young who seem to be freeloading on their parents a little more every year. The media aren’t really noticing and because there are no big demonstrations about it, nothing is happening in response. David Cameron’s ‘permanent austerity’ is well on the way to being achieved.

    • Brilliant point. The only modification I would make to your broad analysis is that I think this might be happening faster than expected and that it is developing a momentum of its own. If you look at the rate at which food banks are opening and being used it is quite amazing: the graph is nothing less than an exponential curve in the UK, though it is not quite as steep in areas of Western Europe with stronger communal and family ties.

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