Just How Gorgeous Are We? Mediolana.wordpress.com Gets 2014 Makeover!

Wordpress Header 2014 22014 promises to be a momentous year: the twentieth FIFA World Cup is being hosted in Brazil; the construction of the world’s tallest building in a Chinese interior city that few outside the Middle Kingdom have heard of; and the official withdrawal of the United States and the United Kingdom from Afghanistan.

Here at Mediolana, 2014 should be a year to remember for a number of reasons, and signalling this shift towards general memorableness is a subtle makeover that retains the core features of this blog yet propels it into a new dimension of über-contemporariness.

But does this makeover raise more questions than answers? What is the new font redolent of this most digital of eras? Who are the characters in the header? What is the significance of the flags in the picture? And what could the nature of the substantive response mentioned therein actually be? One thing’s for sure: 2014 is the year when all these teasers and many more have a good chance of being answered?




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4 responses to “Just How Gorgeous Are We? Mediolana.wordpress.com Gets 2014 Makeover!

  1. It’s amazing how quickly websites start to look dated, and it’s good to see Mediolana recognises one has to run fast simply to stay still. I notice Mediolana is continuing its tradition of supporting women by depicting them in important, thoughtful positions, though I am undecided as to whether the use of the word ‘Gorgeous’ in your title is sexist.

  2. Terrific feedback from the one and only Suleman (and my best wishes to him for 2014).
    Love the new font and blog header image, and I am sure this will be a fabulous year for everyone at Team Mediolana!

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