That’s My Soul Up There: The Face of the ‘Beloved’ Reveals Itself in Knightsbridge!

Continuing the theme of sudden capital flows and their effect on local urban fabrics, Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar – who is rapidly cementing his reputation as an emerging video artist of note – invites the viewer to luxuriate in the Bulgari Residences in his latest Vine composition, That’s My Soul Up There. The video lingers on an elevated shot of one of London’s most dazzling new projects, a development which comprises no less than the entirety of 163-173 Knightsbridge; located a short walk from the world-famous Harrods department store, its coordinates and specification bar anyone who is not either a member of the global economic elite or those servicing them from doing anything other than looking at it, a point which is deliberately accentuated by Yawar as the camera slowly sweeps away from the building.



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2 responses to “That’s My Soul Up There: The Face of the ‘Beloved’ Reveals Itself in Knightsbridge!

  1. Your unique perspective on London is a valuable contribution to this remarkable city coming to understand itself. Is it just about capital flows? Are the buildings just boundaries between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’?

    • The boundaries may be even more invisible than tangible things like buildings, though these are certainly important. Networks, lifestyles, opportunities and CHF accounts are all significant demarcations now.

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