The End of Capital in the Capital: The Technology of Desire and the True Meaning of Money

With the global financial crisis still dominating the headlines the best part of seven years after the first obvious signs of impending collapse, emerging video artist and Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar explores our relationship with money – to be precise, credit – in The Technology of Desire. A cold February evening on one of London’s busy thoroughfares – the south end of Tottenham Court Road – sees Yawar focus in on an advertisement for Barclays PLC. Viewers may note the contrast in the first frames between the ‘light’ represented by this august institution’s commercial, and the pronounced invisibility of its surroundings. The camera then takes in a figure tapping away on a smartphone banking interface before immersing itself in the strapline words ‘money’ and ‘want’; these final two shots are particularly powerful given the menacing soundtrack, probably the sound of bus engines revving in the background.


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Filed under Creativity, Economics, Technology, Urban Life

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