Ambient Advertising, 2.0: A Breakdown of the Mediolana® Model and Its Implications for #Education #Marketing

As a company which is now in the thick of an humongous advertising and marketing cycle, we at Mediolana® have been positively surprised by the reaction that our new piece of ambient social media advertising has been getting on the usual channels and beyond.

The social media flyer is simplicity itself: a picture, a slogan and a legal notice. But what factors may account for the response it has engendered?

  1. The Promise of 20xx. This calendar year is scheduled to be a momentous one in numerous fields, but on the level of simple numerology, the years of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have a magical quality to them. To many people born in the 1980s and beforehand, these years represent the high point of futurism. Referencing a year in a piece of publicity is a winning strategy – so long as the product or service is momentous enough to live up to the hype, a phenomenon rare in the educational domain.
  2. Clarity. An amazing percentage of social media products – even many of those which generate thousands of ‘likes’ and retweets – are composed of low quality inputs: graphics of poor resolution, text without anti-aliasing and vapid quasi-calls-to-action. This is particularly true of sectors such as education, where uninspiring, poorly-promoted offerings are all too common. The high-resolution image and text in the above Mediolana® composition is a world away from the social media average.
  3. Aesthetics. As well as looking compelling and purposeful, the characters in the picture have just that quality: character. In a world where identikit droids are all-too-often deployed for marketing purposes – incredibly, something of a best case scenario in educational marketing – these young ladies exude not just poise and focus, but aesthetic beauty. Accordingly, they exude a disproportionately large amount of representational potency.

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One response to “Ambient Advertising, 2.0: A Breakdown of the Mediolana® Model and Its Implications for #Education #Marketing

  1. I suspect at some point Mediolana will become a religion.

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