Migration Watch Latest: Incoming Population ‘Might Know More Than You Think’!



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2 responses to “Migration Watch Latest: Incoming Population ‘Might Know More Than You Think’!

  1. UK universities are remarkably good and it’s something we do need to capitalise on. We’re competing with the US and other places in selling university courses, and that’s something we should be focused about. Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence emerging in the UK where the immigration debate is beginning to make the UK less friendly towards students. The UK’s long term interests must lie in continuing to educate people from elsewhere and send them home with happy memories. But may be people don’t really believe in the UK any more. The City is a disaster that could still pull us all down, our parliament has been corrupt, plus all the celebrity and police scandals. I think the UK’s view that it could teach the world may have become lost in all of this. That’s not entirely bad because loss of belief in existing systems should help emergence of better systems, but in the meantime it’s hard to retain a joie de vivre.

    • Sadly, we seem to have passed the point where rational analysis of the immigration debate is still possible, at least for now – meaning that an economic price will almost inevitably be exacted.

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