Korea Team Cramming: East Asia Tops Economist Intelligence Unit League Table!



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4 responses to “Korea Team Cramming: East Asia Tops Economist Intelligence Unit League Table!

  1. Once it has the basic infrastructure, education is the best investment a country to make. But I hope that Korean, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong will generate educated people that will change those countries into powerhouses of culture and the humanities. Formulaic approaches to success do work (giving you high tech industries and good economic growth figures), but are not a full exploration of the human capacity.

    • Well, South Korea and Japan are massive contributors to the world’s cultural industries (think animé, manga) and Hong Kong does have a fantastic film industry, at least historically. And these countries have shaped Western culture in so many subtle but deep ways (minaturisation, dominance of electronics) that most people would not even recognise these as imported. But as you say, they could do so much more.

      • I’m not sure I agree with your use of the word ‘massive’ as Westernisation seems to happen more than Easternisation (see for example http://www.globalization101.org/uploads/File/Culture/cultall.pdf). I think Easterners will first need to see the hollowness of Western culture before they can truly respond. Western culture certainly seems stronger at the moment.

      • You make an excellent point and you could well be correct…so much is, however, contingent on what counts as ‘Western’ culture, or even if such a unified concept exists anymore. Is K-Pop Western? Has Western culture splintered to the degree that the culture(s) emanating from Germany and the United States can still be called the same? These are real questions.

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