Mediolana Limited is a London-based publisher of educational materials for the elite students of today – and those that want to join them.

The blogger-in-chief for mediolana.wordpress.com is Asad Yawar. Yawar has been a freelance journalist since 1995, and his writing has been featured on BBC TV’s What the Papers Say (1998); a degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge (2000-2003) – in which he won two scholarships (2001, 2002) – lends his work a particularly broad perspective.

Yawar is particularly notable for stating that the United Kingdom’s debt defined economy was heading for a collapse of gargantuan proportions way back in April 2006 – a time when the nation’s attention was focused on incurring as much debt as possible on non-productive assets.

From 2006 to 2009, Yawar was a Featured Writer for South Korea’s OhmyNews International, authoring 90 pieces on subjects as diverse as economics, spirituality and football. 2010 saw him penning two op-ed pieces for DigitalJournal.com on the respective topics of London’s transportation infrastructure and the FIFA World Cup.

A qualified lawyer who practiced commercial law for five years in Kensington, London, Yawar is now Creative Director and Chief Strategic Officer (‘CSO’) for Mediolana.

2 responses to “About

  1. That is a might impressive resumé of Mediolana’s blogger-in-chief Asad Yawar.

    The quality of the writing and astuteness of analysis in this online publication is a league of its own and I will continue to stop on a regular basis to enjoy its delectations.

    Sending my best regards to everyone at Mediolana HQ!

  2. Can only back Azam Marketing – the quality of the insights provided by Asad is incredible, always straight to the point and spot on. I really wish I has Asad on my team for content marketing!

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