Mediolana Limited is a London-based publisher of educational materials for the elite students of today – and those that want to join them.

The blogger-in-chief for mediolana.wordpress.com is Asad Yawar. Yawar has been a freelance journalist since 1995, and his writing has been featured on BBC TV’s What the Papers Say (1998); a degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge (2000-2003) – in which he won two scholarships (2001, 2002) – lends his work a particularly broad perspective.

Yawar is particularly notable for stating that the United Kingdom’s debt defined economy was heading for a collapse of gargantuan proportions way back in April 2006 – a time when the nation’s attention was focused on incurring as much debt as possible on non-productive assets.

From 2006 to 2009, Yawar was a Featured Writer for South Korea’s OhmyNews International, authoring 90 pieces on subjects as diverse as economics, spirituality and football. 2010 saw him penning two op-ed pieces for DigitalJournal.com on the respective topics of London’s transportation infrastructure and the FIFA World Cup.

A qualified lawyer who practiced commercial law for five years in Kensington, London, Yawar is now Creative Director and Chief Strategic Officer (‘CSO’) for Mediolana.


One response to “About

  1. That is a might impressive resumé of Mediolana’s blogger-in-chief Asad Yawar.

    The quality of the writing and astuteness of analysis in this online publication is a league of its own and I will continue to stop on a regular basis to enjoy its delectations.

    Sending my best regards to everyone at Mediolana HQ!

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