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Džeko and Hide: Bosnia Captain Unveils Shocking New Innovation!

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Slovenia Shocker: Former Yugoslav Country ‘In Deepening Media Identity Crisis’!

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Is Arjen Robben the New Hank Paulson?

mySuperLamePic_0e39816092990147566a7f491e9b6cb6And should he be cast as the former Goldman Sachs CEO in a major motion picture?

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March 18, 2013 · 8:24 pm

China + The Rule of Law: A Breakthrough?

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Austerity Hits Shangri-La! Saudi Arabian Princess in US$7.4m ‘Hotel Heist’

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Scientific Pause: Stephen Hawking Reveals Universal Stumbling Block

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Doritos and Pepsi Max Bring You Las Vegas and Iceland: Anglo-American Capitalism Gets Ironic

Okay, it’s time to come clean: all this blogging makes us at Mediolana vulnerable in a whole bunch of ways, not least to the gargantuan array of vegetable-based snacks that can be consumed, electronically-speaking, on the fly. But while munching our way through a bag of exceptionally good Doritos (pictured) – a cheese ‘n’ corn feast of predictable brilliance supplied by the CEO of one of our favourite companies, Azam Marketing – we couldn’t help noticing that susceptibilities in the more deranged models of capitalist economic architecture have become unexpected poles of attraction.

Yes, Doritos and Pepsi Max – if there’s a better duet in high carb, nutritionally modest food, we haven’t heard it – are offering lucky consumers the chance to go to either Las Vegas or Iceland. Gambling – whether on slot machines or banking bubbles – is the new rock ‘n’ roll. And we’re smacking our lips at other potential competition prizes. Trips to the USA after a massive depreciation in the US dollar? Vacations in Greece during yet another round of bailouts and riots? The possibilities are endless!

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