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Covideocracy: COVID-19 Update From Mediolana Limited

The latest article at sets out this company’s broad overview of the COVID-19 pandemic – with a nod to the possible global exit strategies. See you over there!

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Same Rules, Different Game: Mediolana’s 2020 Legal Notice Incorporates Higher Grades Faster!™

As the first stirrings of a new decade imbue our collective consciousness, some things remain reassuringly familiar – if not the same. This year’s Mediolana® Legal Notice refresh retains the classic formatting and colour scheme while referencing both the year 2020 and Higher Grades Faster!™ – the latter being an essential purchase for parents who want to get their teenager to the top of the class and beyond.

Head over to to reserve your collectible Secret Launch™ copy of this unique DVD-based product, a course created by a double-scholarship winner from the world-famous University of Cambridge – and look out for the five international fashion model presenters!



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Summer Nights Latest: What’s Happening at Mediolana® HQ?

As June gives way to July and the first half of 2019 yields unceasingly to the second, we at Mediolana are assembling product components from all across Europe; running logistics tests; and generally doing everything possible to ensure a blissful summer ahead. Something very exciting is about to happen – be sure to stay tuned!

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Getting Closer to the Big Reveal: H2/2018 Makeover Provides Hints of Things to Come! #edu

As summer turns into yet more summer in Mediolana’s London heartland, another light blog and general social media refresh is in order as we cascade towards the ‘big reveal’.

Stay cool as things hot up by pinging the like button us on Facebook; joining journalists and commentators from RT, Al Jazeera and the BBC in following our Twitter musings; or subscribing to this very account.

See you all again very soon!


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Style + Substance: Mediolana’s Latest Legal Notice ‘Branded Instant Blogosphere Classic’!

Before the new year kicks off in earnest, a bit of housekeeping: Mediolana’s 2017 Legal Notice, exclusive to WordPress and crafted (largely) in classic realist, sans-serif typefaces. The bottom right-hand corner of this blog is – as ever – where’s it’s at!


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New + Improved: 2017 Imminence ‘Inspires Mystery Makeover’!

As 2016 hurtles insanely towards its inevitable end, we at Mediolana are looking to the future – but with a bit of a twist. Our latest social media header is not only stylistically different from anything we have previously produced, but there is no customary advertising message – just a notation signifying the first half of next year in true corporate convention. H1/2017 may already be a meme worthy of its own fashion label, but what does it actually stand for? As usual, all will ultimately be revealed. Stay tuned!

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Asian Games 2014 Analysis: When Will Asia Catch Up With Europe?


Following the dictum of Swedish authors Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell A. Nordström – that we watch television to figure ourselves out – our Creative Director & CSO recently found himself on a front room floor next to a vintage Toshiba set approaching midnight. Cereal bowl in hand, he had been viewing a 24-hour news network long enough for the same items to be entering their third cycle, but he was transfixed by news of the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, a competition that – like so much coming out of Asia over the past few decades – resembles the future for the entire planet.

The 2014 Asian Games – the seventeenth edition of the competition since its inception after the Second World War – tells us much about where Asia is heading. The television and Internet presentation is iconic and aesthetically pleasing. The facilities and infrastructure are first-class. Even second-tier cities in countries such as South Korea now boast glittering metro systems.

But when it comes to actual athletic and organisational standards, many Asian countries are still punching vastly below their weight. Look away from the top of the medal table – which is predictably occupied by the A3 states of China, Japan and Korea Republic – and the medal count of nations such as India, Indonesia and Pakistan starts to look distinctly worrying. In a ‘flat’ and arguably increasingly heterarchical world, it is increasingly difficult for naturally wealthy countries with populations in the hundreds of millions to justify the unnecessarily inefficacious state of their societies.

The twenty-first century may already be the Asian Century. However, if the continent as a whole is serious about competing with Europe on a sporting level, much remains to be done. The immediate challenge is for 2018 Asian Games hosts Indonesia to put on a decent performance when the show rolls in to Jakarta in four years’ time; while medal tallies can be misleading, drastic underachievement remains a warning signal to the world that all is not right.


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Fifty Shades of Great: Another Zlatan Backheel Marks Historic Record!

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Intellectual Synergies Begin Here: Holly IP Joins Mediolana’s Blogroll!

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 14.37.36

The blog of Holly IP – an exclusive London patent and IP agency headed by Dr Suleman Ali, a double graduate of the University of Oxford – now features in our blogroll. BusinessSnippet is the place to go for first-class analysis of all the most important developments in the world of intellectual property and patents, and how these relate to and interact with trade and international relations. Enjoy!


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Mediolana Blog Rebrand: Spot the Difference!

Some of our longstanding readers will by now be well aware that – at least insofar as aesthetics go – we at Mediolana can rarely be accused of standing still. Our blog – the first post of which was as recent as 1st January 2011 – looks and feels vastly different to what it began as, and its readership has evolved and grown accordingly.

But today is the first day of a small-but-important ‘nuts-and-bolts’ change: we have rebranded the blog from the partially ironic Possibly the World’s Most Interesting Blog.™ to the deeply practical (and more SEO-friendly) Study Skills. Education. Ideas. Your Future.™ This is a sign that – to use a technical term – things are afoot here in London. But what developments might surface over the coming weeks and months? Stay – as they say – tuned!


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