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Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar Featured in Europe’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency Blog!

We are thrilled to announce that Asad Yawar,  the Creative Director and CSO of Mediolana Limited, has been featured in Bloomsbury-based Azam Marketing‘s (‘AM’) prestigious blog; AM possess some of the world’s bluest blue-chip companies in their portfolio. In A Day in the Life of Asad Yawar – Creative Director & CSO of Mediolana, a typical twenty-four hour period in what is nothing if not a highly varied existence!

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Study Skills: Not Just For Stragglers and Geeks

Regular readers of this blog will by now be long aware that is having content uploaded to it on a regular basis. And today is no exception, with the publication of Why study skills matter: Five ways in which studying efficiently and effectively can transform your life. An article which details the importance of study skills both in educational and general life contexts, it is essential reading for all those interested in maximising the returns from their studies – and those that teach them!

Why Study Skills Matter

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Study Guides Galore: A Review Some of the World’s Most Popular Study Aids!

As our main site at bulks up over the Northern Hemisphere winter on its way to becoming a preeminent repository for both the global education industry and any student who wishes to to get ahead, we thought we should alert the readership of this blog to a particularly interesting piece which we recently uploaded. Valuable study skills tip? Or subjective anecdote? is a review of three of the best and/or most popular study aids available today in the English language. Have a look and see what you think!



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Mediolana’s Social Media Drive: Introducing Facebook!

Mediolana’s Facebook page has barely been published, but already it is chock-full of material – including an extra-large version of the new ‘ambient’ advertisement featured in yesterday’s post.

At 871 x 494, this is Facebook cover territory; a plethora of similar content will be released in the weeks and months to come. Watch this space for more information!

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All Change At The Top! Mediolana Launches Social Media Drive, Kicks Off With WordPress

Back in the early 2000s – when Mediolana’s CSO browsed the shelves of the world’s best-stocked bookshop and reached his own conclusions rather than relying on the oceans of subjectivity that constitute the body of reviews on amazon – his mind was consumed with the quotidian reality of the Social and Political Sciences (‘SPS’) tripos at the University of Cambridge, where the grim realisation that Weber first and foremost meant a legendary Teutonic theoretician and not a Croatia-born Belgium international striker ensured a tough undergraduate experience.

But his heart was already elsewhere. In his spare hours he would spurn the overtures of overpriced nightclubs and endless nocturnal frames at the pool table, instead becoming absorbed in business and marketing tomes authored by sages such as Jesper Kunde, Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell A. Nordström; to him, guerilla marketing and the Fortune 500 became two sides of the same SDA Bocconi programme.

Now the hour has arrived when theory transmutes into practice, beginning with a humble WordPress header with more than a nod to the late-but-not-forgotten David Ogilvy. And with respect to the London 2012 circus and the stunning rear of the New Routemaster bus, something else of import really was happening in the world’s capital city.

So what was this event? Is the claim posited by the advertisement too bold – or not bombastic enough? And can ambient marketing get any more ambient? Stay tuned!

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Hiring the Very Best: Some Basic Rules and Observations

As our regular readers will doubtless have guessed, as a company based in London’s historic and very pretty quarter of Kensington, Mediolana Limited goes through periodic phases of hiring what we believe are the best people in their sector to work on our various projects. Recently, we completed a hiring process that involved sifting through tens of thousands of profiles of candidates from all around the world to feature as actors in product and publicity material for a revolutionary new study guide; while this was time-intensive, ultimately we were thrilled with the calibre of the people we utilised and feel that the endeavour can be termed successful.

But what should companies look for in potential colleagues? Despite the plethora of literature available on this subject, far too many organisations face human resources logjams (or worse, crises) that can render perfectly good entities so many insolvency notices in the London Gazette (or local equivalent thereof). Yet there are simple rules and observations which, if used for guidance, can reduce if not eliminate most of these problems at inception:

1. Image is Nothing. In an image-obsessed era where looks count for far more than most rational economic agents would be willing to concede, a pretty face or well-defined body can be the decisive element in any hiring decision. Even in the most superficial of industries, this is rarely a good thing. Beauty – or in the case of all too many corporations, cheap and temporary lust – must take a back seat to competence.

2. Eliminate Pride and Prejudice. Given the power dynamics inherent in a hiring process and the genuine sense of powerlessness that engulfs those occupying even the most senior positions in corporate hierarchies, it is all too easy for the ego of the hiring party to run wild: candidates are measured against absurdly acute standards of personal morality; their social and political affiliations are scrutinised without limit; and all other kinds of irrelevancies which have little if anything to do with the job description can suddenly become definitive.

3. Today Hamlet, Tomorrow The Terminator. It sounds obvious, but in how many companies does someone with excellent, comprehensive knowledge of the modalities needed in candidates for a given position allocate three hours from their schedule – during which their telephones and laptops are turned off and all meetings blocked – to sit down in silence with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and define exactly what they are looking for; the precise content of the job description; and what customised tests can be used to sort the great candidates from the merely good ones?


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Cyprus: Putting the ‘C’ in ‘CSO’?

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