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Is Anti-Globalisation the New Xenophobia?

The population of mediolana.com with tasty content galore continues apace with an essay which answers precisely the above question. Back To The Classroom: Why Blaming Globalisation Is The New Xenophobia is now live at our core web presence, and also – a first, this – comes in Facebook note format. See you after the clicks!


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2018 Latest: Seismic Happenings Detected at Crucial Cultural Intersection!

Regular readers of this blog will by now be fully cognisant of the fact that we at Mediolana are not given to spouting mindless hyperbole. But we are also not a company to pull our metaphorical punches, and 2018 promises to be a year like no other: silos will smash, synergies will shine – and there is even a small outside chance of a razor-thin London corporation making its mark on the largest cultural intersection of all.

More of that later: HNY, and we’ll see you next year!


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Birthing Pangs: Article Population Explosion Begins at Mediolana.com!

As we at Mediolana bed down into the first week of August in sometimes sunny London, we have published another new article at our .com address which will be of urgent interest to conscientious parents everywhere: Academic Performance: A Matter Of Location, Location, Location. Much more is to follow – and sooner than you may think. Stay tuned!

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Fifty Shades of Spray: Pesticides ‘Can Ruin #Academic Careers’!

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Population Agenda: What Other Countries Can Copy-Paste from Singapore’s World-Class Education System

Here in London – a city which is experiencing the closest thing to a sub-tropical Christmas in recent memory – we at Mediolana are busily pursuing our own not-so-sinister population agenda: that of filling mediolana.com with articles that are the envy of the Internet! Our latest piece – on how countries around the world can emulate Singapore’s index-busting schools – is food for thought indeed.

Speaking of all things scrumptious, this blog will be having yet another makeover in the coming weeks. Stay – as they say – tuned!


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Staring into Oblivion: Generation Binge-Watch ‘Self-Medicating Using Television’!

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Students, Parents, Educators: ‘Back to School’ is Becoming Something to Look Forward to!

  • The extraordinary weather currently enveloping beautiful London makes it hard to believe that autumn will soon be upon us, but we at Mediolana are ever-prepared: check out our new social media promotional flyer!
  • This piece of advertising announces – in its own way – a new era in educational products. The phrase ‘Back to School’ – representing a process that millions of students (and their parents and educators) will be collectively dreading – will soon be redundant.
  • Keep coming back for more on this revolutionary development!


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