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Capital Flows: Beijing’s Economic Expansion Smashes All Records! #China

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Spy Versus Spy, 2.0: Elite Chinese #University in ‘Cyberwarfare’ Storm!

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Watch and Earn: Chinese Capital ‘Creates Twenty-First Century Stasi’!

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Engaging Reverse: Beijing #Students ‘Reinvent the Wheel’!

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London, UAE: Reflections On An Asset Bubble?

With the global financial crisis long put to bed – at least for some demographic segments – a recent work by emerging video artist and Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar serves as a reminder that not all the lessons that might have been learned from the fiscal farrago may have been internalised. London, UAE (15th March 2014) is a simple, single-shot movie which takes in a moving panorama of a sea of cranes typical of those which have sprung up in the United Kingdom’s capital in recent years. As city neighbourhoods previously only known to afficionados and the down-at-heel are colonised by impersonal and often distant forces – making parts of London’s skyline resemble that of cities like Dubai or Shanghai – it is tempting for the viewer to think about the implications of yet another asset bubble popping its detritus on unsuspecting societies; however, it is not clear from the piece whether this is the artist’s intention.


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Flipping HEC: Paris Business School Brings a Touch of Luxury to China!


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Unfinished Cities: Chinese Government ‘Slams the Brakes’ on Development!

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