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Getting Closer to the Big Reveal: H2/2018 Makeover Provides Hints of Things to Come! #edu

As summer turns into yet more summer in Mediolana’s London heartland, another light blog and general social media refresh is in order as we cascade towards the ‘big reveal’.

Stay cool as things hot up by pinging the like button us on Facebook; joining journalists and commentators from RT, Al Jazeera and the BBC in following our Twitter musings; or subscribing to this very WordPress.com account.

See you all again very soon!


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H2 2017: The Time for the Future-Minded #edu #edchat #edtech

Our customary periodic makeover has a sense of urgency like none that has preceded it.

H2/2017 will be an unprecedented time for anyone who cares about their future. Stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress and be the first to find out why.


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The Eternal Season: Mediolana’s Social Media Presence Gets Stunning 2016 Makeover!

As climate change begins to scare the bejesus out of us here in an unseasonably warm London, we at Mediolana are taking time to reflect on our new social media header. This may seem paradoxical, but it really is a thing of beauty. Behold – and tell us what you think via the usual channels. Our legal sidebar notice has also changed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 20.54.40


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Mediolana Blog Rebrand: Spot the Difference!

Some of our longstanding readers will by now be well aware that – at least insofar as aesthetics go – we at Mediolana can rarely be accused of standing still. Our blog – the first post of which was as recent as 1st January 2011 – looks and feels vastly different to what it began as, and its readership has evolved and grown accordingly.

But today is the first day of a small-but-important ‘nuts-and-bolts’ change: we have rebranded the blog from the partially ironic Possibly the World’s Most Interesting Blog.™ to the deeply practical (and more SEO-friendly) Study Skills. Education. Ideas. Your Future.™ This is a sign that – to use a technical term – things are afoot here in London. But what developments might surface over the coming weeks and months? Stay – as they say – tuned!


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Inspecting the Elements: Blog Makeover 101 – The Mediolana Case Study

The more observant of our readers will no doubt have noticed some aesthetic changes to this blog – some subtle, some rather more radical – during the last 24 hours or so. The inevitable question arises: what’s new in presentational terms at mediolana.wordpress.com, and how was this look attained? This blog post will not provide a complete answer to this question – since when are answers ever really complete? – but instead act as an overview to what many may already be describing as one of the funkier corporate outpourings in the blogosphere:

1. The grungy header. In place of one of WordPress.com’s standard 990 x 257 .jpgs, a stark piece of advance publicity for Mediolana’s Weapons of Mass Instruction study guide, slated for a Q3 2011 release. The original film was filmed on a cheap, standard definition Sony camcorder; a still image was taken for the header, and a Shockwave file created – and then spliced and diced into a WordPress-compatible .jpg sequence, lending it a punkish, DIY feel.

2. The new fonts. For all the hype about Web 2.0, so much of it resembles Web 1.0 when it comes to fonts: think of the ubiquitous Arial, Verdana and Helvetica. However, this blog now makes liberal use of Franklin Gothic variants, making it not merely easy to read, but bordering on uptown.

3. Corporate symmetry. The main header text and headlines synchronise with our corporate branding, meaning the Mediolana shade of red-pink now graces both the top and the central column of Possibly the World’s Most Interesting Blog.™


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