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All Aboard: Rail ‘Accelerates #Syrian Recovery’!


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The Zabadani Banner: Global Multilateralism in Action

In the early years of the twenty-first century, it would have been virtually inconceivable to most observers that the United States of America – which had the status of ‘hyperpower‘ ascribed to it by the then French Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine in 1998 – could be in a position merely of being a rapidly-fading primus inter pares by 2011.

Reams of analysis have been, are being and will be penned on what appears to be an emerging era of multilateralism. However, for a quick and easily comprehensible illustration of this phenomenon, one need look no further than the above banner, unfurled at a recent protest in the Syrian town of Zabadani, up until now famous only for its mild climate: as well as a message in Arabic exhorting those responsible to ‘Stop the Killing‘, it also features text in Russian and Mandarin. Russia and the PRC are two of Bashar al-Assad’s key international allies – Mediolana has lost count of the number of times China have played Syria in football exhibition matches – and these countries have real influence to bear on the Middle East.

A world of numerous power centres is being reflected in the actions of those who, despite their physical distance from these nodes, are increasingly determining the decisions being made in them – and perhaps not only about the issue immediately at hand.

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