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World Cup Withdrawal Symptoms Latest: Dinamo Zagreb Continue Croatia’s Summer of Success!


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Tout le monde il est beau: France Conquer Planet Football!

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Is Small Always Beautiful? Former Yugoslav Republics’ Twenty-First Century World Cup Record ‘Reflects Diminished Global Standing’!

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#2014WorldCup Latest: ‘Insignificant’ Economies Victims of Gross Refereeing Errors!

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June 23, 2014 · 8:37 pm

World Football Exclusive: The Big Secret About #Brazil2014 Revealed Here Soon!

We at Mediolana are now officially pumped for all things football – at least within a given context. Exhibit A: the above social media flyer, which posits that this summer’s jamboree in Brazil is not necessarily the key event of 2014. Is this proposition correct? All will be revealed in Q3 2014!

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Croatia’s Employment Emergency: Ratio of Applicants to Entry-Level Jobs ‘Reaches 72:1 in EU’s Newest Member’!



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Changing the State We’re In: Is Croatia’s Entrepreneurship Initiative a Model to Replicate?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 15.45.30Good economic news from the post-developed world is predictably rare these days, but our Creative Director & CSO recently came across a heartening item which could point the way to a brighter fiscal structure. Croatia moves to boost entrepreneurship – a video news story from Al Jazeera English presented by the telegenic Jasmina Kos, a journalist who made waves by joining the Qatar-based media giant from the Zagreb subsidiary of German station RTL – highlights the incentives which the Croatian government is giving to startups.

These payments are significant by local standards – up to US$5,500.00 in the first year of business, an enormous sum given that Croatia’s GDP per capita weighted by purchasing power parity comes in just a tick over US$18,000.00 – but these are offset through increased retirement and health payments by the entrepreneur back to the state.

This should have a number of favourable consequences, including at least a small reduction in unemployment – though probably not enough to make a considerable dent in Croatia’s perplexing 0.37m jobless total in the short-to-medium term – and perhaps encouraging the formation of new Internet-based enterprises.

But the true success of the programme could be measured in terms of renegotiating the relationship between Croatian citizens and their state. As a constituent element of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (‘SFRY’), the European Union’s newest member has a legacy of a bureaucratic state structure that does little to foster creativity in the business domain and which views constructive risk-taking as essentially pointless if not downright suspicious. A state which is actively encouraging novelty and at least a certain level of dynamism could ultimately transform its own internal culture – and eventually broaden its own tax base significantly. If successful, this may prove to be a model other countries – and not just those within the EU – should consider emulating.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 15.46.33

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