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Food Fight: Obese Oil Kingdoms ‘Stretching the Limits of Credibility’!


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Too Much Room at the Inn: #Dubai Hotel ADR ‘Lowest Since 2005’!

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From Frontier Markets to Emerging Markets: New Chain of Ritzy High #Schools Hits Africa!

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London, UAE: Reflections On An Asset Bubble?

With the global financial crisis long put to bed – at least for some demographic segments – a recent work by emerging video artist and Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar serves as a reminder that not all the lessons that might have been learned from the fiscal farrago may have been internalised. London, UAE (15th March 2014) is a simple, single-shot movie which takes in a moving panorama of a sea of cranes typical of those which have sprung up in the United Kingdom’s capital in recent years. As city neighbourhoods previously only known to afficionados and the down-at-heel are colonised by impersonal and often distant forces – making parts of London’s skyline resemble that of cities like Dubai or Shanghai – it is tempting for the viewer to think about the implications of yet another asset bubble popping its detritus on unsuspecting societies; however, it is not clear from the piece whether this is the artist’s intention.


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School’s Out…of Dubai! Shiraz #University ‘Told to Pack its Bags’ as Licensing Scandal Hits Knowledge Village


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When Dubai Came to London: The McDonaldisation of Kensington?

Asad Yawar – the Creative Director & CSO of Mediolana – continues his rising trajectory as an emerging video artist with a melancholic piece that captures the paradoxical desolation of New Year’s Eve 2014 in London, England. Dubai Comes to London: The McDonaldisation of Kensington focuses on 375 Kensington High Street, a complex of luxury apartments presently being constructed at the western end of one of the Queen of England’s most famous highways. The vantage point for the film is the lower deck of a number 9 bus – one of a handful of routes featuring the iconic New Bus for London – from which the videographer gazes at the building site across the road. The less-than-capacious floor heights of the new block are quite noticeable even at this distance, with many hundreds of thousands of pounds not enough to transcend this particular architectural trend. As the bus moves off, a ‘tear’ can clearly be seen streaking the bus window as the older, more generous architecture comes into view. While capital flows from the Gulf Cooperation Council are making headlines in the form of marquee projects such as the Qatar-owned Shard, a host of less famous projects are rapidly altering the character of this most international of international cities, with seemingly few questions being asked about whether the new architectural forms are engendering a sense of dislocation.


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Bling on the Night: Dubai Creams Kuwait as World Fireworks Record Goes to UAE!


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