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Slump Administrations: German Businesses Show Anglosphere Hegemons Red Card!


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Red Square, 2.0: Berlin Property Madness Sparks Socialist Legislative Insurrection!

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On Top of the World: #Berlin Opens Roof Garden Purse Strings! #ParisAgreement

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Kroos Control: Why Psychological Resilience is the Attribute Du Jour

We at Mediolana are presently in the frontline of an unprecedented (for 2018, at least) heatwave which is sweeping through this company’s home town of London, England. But in truth, our spare thoughts capacity (‘STC’) has recently been in thrall to a different type of wave altogether – the Mexican type which is strongly associated with FIFA World Cups.

Specifically – as we try and keep at least one eye on the tournament while our little corporate world is undergoing something of a transformation (and we don’t mean the arrival of a new coffee machine or photocopier, great as these accoutrements are) – the theme of resilience, which has become such a leitmotiv in recent years that it almost inevitably raises the suspicion that large sections of the population are, in fact, losing it, is looming large in our consciousness.

A key feature of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was the extent to which matches were defined not just by factors such as player quality or coaching ingenuity, but by the psychological health (or otherwise) of teams. Could they avoid making palpably dodgy and needless back passes? Could they manage to stay in position instead of wandering upfield to no discernible purpose? And could they pull a rabbit from the hat when the chips were truly down?

To the probable surprise of many – but not us, truth be told – the 2018 FIFA World Cup is continuing the prove the importance of being able to handle stress, pressure and the simple knowledge that hundreds of millions of people are watching your every move. Without talent and hard work, there is no end product; but without the ability to make the most of what you have by being able to tune out noise on a simply incomparable scale, there may be no glory.

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Replacing Ritalin: Could Sand Vests Supplant Psychoactive Drugs?

As winter gradually eases its way into the background here in Mediolana’s home city of London, the population of our main web portal with ever-juicier articles continues apace. The New Ritalin: Could Sand Vests Combat Classroom ADHD? addresses one of the most important issues confronting British educators: the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder epidemic that looms large over the entire school system, and the potential applicability to the same of a controversial new drug-free remedy from Germany. Enjoy!

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Nullpunkt: German Far-Right Figure ‘Proposes Abolishing Previous 1,000 Years of Progress’!

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Bur-Exit Latest: King’s College London ‘Clones Itself in Silicon Saxony’!

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