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Arresting Development: Mediolana’s 2018 Legal Notice ‘Arrives One Day Early’!

As yet another incredible year becomes nothing more than a carefully-curated selection of beautiful memories, we at Mediolana are getting down to the real gritty-gritty of publishing this blog’s 2018 Legal Notice. Those with a curious passion for all things regulatory should head over to legal.mediolana.com, where a selection of on-topic documents – including the Terms and Conditions of using this company’s web presence – await you. See you there!



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Style + Substance: Mediolana’s Latest Legal Notice ‘Branded Instant Blogosphere Classic’!

Before the new year kicks off in earnest, a bit of housekeeping: Mediolana’s 2017 Legal Notice, exclusive to WordPress and crafted (largely) in classic realist, sans-serif typefaces. The bottom right-hand corner of this blog is – as ever – where’s it’s at!


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2015: New Year, New Blog Graphics!

Regular readers of this blog will have doubtless noticed the following new graphics: contemporary spins on our classic Legal Notice design!

Blog Sidebar 2015Legal Notice 2015


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New Year, New Graphics!

During Q1 2013, both mediolana.wordpress.com and our main website at mediolana.com are getting extensive revamps. Much of this renovation is – to use a term popular with the UK government during the heady 2000s – off-balance. But some of it is cosmetic, and where better to begin than with an overhauled Legal Notice or two?

Legal Notice Text Mediolana.com 2013

Sidebar Legal Notice Text Mediolana.Wordpress.Com 2013


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Mean, Moody, Magnificent: Mediolana.com’s New Legal Notice ‘Turns Heads’

Mediolana_Legal_Notice_Q4_2012As part of the latest round of this company’s website optimisation and IP activities, Mediolana’s new Legal Notice is now online at mediolana.com! Check it out for yourselves!

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Legal Notice

Mediolana Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 07397007. Registered office: Office 4, 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6BD, England, United Kingdom. Electronic mailing address: mediolana.publishing@gmail.com. URL: http://www.mediolana.com (coming 02/2011). Blog: http://www.mediolana.wordpress.com. Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mediolana#. Mediolana, Seksi, Seksifootball, MEDIOLANA”, “MEDIOLANA” “MEDIOLANA”,カッコイイMEDIOLANA”, ,カッコイイ, “セクシーな, “andare trade marks of Mediolana Limited and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. ©1999-2011 Mediolana Limited.

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