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Carrot Versus Stick Latest: Stick ‘Winning Hands Down’! #HumanRights #RuleOfLaw


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India: the World in a Country

An infographic recently published by that source of seemingly endless statistics, the Economist, is well worth a few moments of anyone’s time. The moderately interactive diagram depicts the 28 states (and most of the 7 union territories) that make up today’s Republic of India in terms of three variables: GDP, GDP per capita and population. For each of these variables, the Indian administrative units are paired with an equivalent country, so Maharashtra, an entity which is host to booming Mumbai, has the name of Singapore – the GDP of which it roughly matches – superimposed on its territory.

This infographic reveals much about contemporary India:

1. Wealth. At least in absolute terms, India is a land of fabulous wealth. GDPs of countries such as Qatar, Uzbekistan, Croatia and Tunisia represent but a fraction of the overall Gross Domestic Product of South Asia’s largest nation.

2. Poverty. Measured on a per capita basis, India is still beset by shocking levels of poverty. The average Maharashtran has an annual income of c.US$4,743.00 – slightly less than the average resident of war-torn Sri Lanka. Those in poorer states fare as badly as almost anyone else on earth: desperately impoverished Bihar is worse off in per capita terms than benighted Eritrea.

3. Potential. If Uttar Pradesh – a gritty industrial state in northern India – declared independence tomorrow, it would be the fifth-largest country on earth in terms of population, with its 195.8m people edging Brazil’s 191.5m. If India can somehow grow its economy on a meaningful scale – in particular, pulling society’s lower echelons up into its middle class – and in a sustainable manner, it could yet eclipse China in the race of the Asian superpowers.

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