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Ambient Advertising, 2.0: A Breakdown of the Mediolana® Model and Its Implications for #Education #Marketing

As a company which is now in the thick of an humongous advertising and marketing cycle, we at Mediolana® have been positively surprised by the reaction that our new piece of ambient social media advertising has been getting on the usual channels and beyond.

The social media flyer is simplicity itself: a picture, a slogan and a legal notice. But what factors may account for the response it has engendered?

  1. The Promise of 20xx. This calendar year is scheduled to be a momentous one in numerous fields, but on the level of simple numerology, the years of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries have a magical quality to them. To many people born in the 1980s and beforehand, these years represent the high point of futurism. Referencing a year in a piece of publicity is a winning strategy – so long as the product or service is momentous enough to live up to the hype, a phenomenon rare in the educational domain.
  2. Clarity. An amazing percentage of social media products – even many of those which generate thousands of ‘likes’ and retweets – are composed of low quality inputs: graphics of poor resolution, text without anti-aliasing and vapid quasi-calls-to-action. This is particularly true of sectors such as education, where uninspiring, poorly-promoted offerings are all too common. The high-resolution image and text in the above Mediolana® composition is a world away from the social media average.
  3. Aesthetics. As well as looking compelling and purposeful, the characters in the picture have just that quality: character. In a world where identikit droids are all-too-often deployed for marketing purposes – incredibly, something of a best case scenario in educational marketing – these young ladies exude not just poise and focus, but aesthetic beauty. Accordingly, they exude a disproportionately large amount of representational potency.

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The Environment of Words: A Literary Scene from the Desk of Mediolana’s CSO!


This scene from the main desk of Mediolana’s Asad Yawar sees the company’s Creative Director & CSO in an increasingly playful mood. The two novels on the somewhat chaotic pile of papers signify that Yawar has been working on some sort of non-technical literature. The blank iPhone screen, which lends an air of serenity to the composition, contrasts slightly with the bright pink heart-shaped Post-It notes which adorn his desk; although superficially frivolous, the handwriting on these notes reveal long lists of (presumably yet-to-be-completed) tasks that await its author. The particular quality of light can be explained by the settings on the Canon 7D camera with which this photograph was taken, in addition to the unique properties of the 50mm lens manufactured by the same Japanese corporation.

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Mediolana Creative Director & CSO Asad Yawar Featured in Europe’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency Blog!

We are thrilled to announce that Asad Yawar,  the Creative Director and CSO of Mediolana Limited, has been featured in Bloomsbury-based Azam Marketing‘s (‘AM’) prestigious blog; AM possess some of the world’s bluest blue-chip companies in their portfolio. In A Day in the Life of Asad Yawar – Creative Director & CSO of Mediolana, a typical twenty-four hour period in what is nothing if not a highly varied existence!

Feel free to read, comment and share!

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 22.40.04


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New Year, New Graphics!

During Q1 2013, both mediolana.wordpress.com and our main website at mediolana.com are getting extensive revamps. Much of this renovation is – to use a term popular with the UK government during the heady 2000s – off-balance. But some of it is cosmetic, and where better to begin than with an overhauled Legal Notice or two?

Legal Notice Text Mediolana.com 2013

Sidebar Legal Notice Text Mediolana.Wordpress.Com 2013


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Study Skills: Not Just For Stragglers and Geeks

Regular readers of this blog will by now be long aware that mediolana.com is having content uploaded to it on a regular basis. And today is no exception, with the publication of Why study skills matter: Five ways in which studying efficiently and effectively can transform your life. An article which details the importance of study skills both in educational and general life contexts, it is essential reading for all those interested in maximising the returns from their studies – and those that teach them!

Why Study Skills Matter

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Study Guides Galore: A Review Some of the World’s Most Popular Study Aids!

As our main site at Mediolana.com bulks up over the Northern Hemisphere winter on its way to becoming a preeminent repository for both the global education industry and any student who wishes to to get ahead, we thought we should alert the readership of this blog to a particularly interesting piece which we recently uploaded. Valuable study skills tip? Or subjective anecdote? is a review of three of the best and/or most popular study aids available today in the English language. Have a look and see what you think!



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Mediolana’s Social Media Drive: Introducing Facebook!

Mediolana’s Facebook page has barely been published, but already it is chock-full of material – including an extra-large version of the new ‘ambient’ advertisement featured in yesterday’s post.

At 871 x 494, this is Facebook cover territory; a plethora of similar content will be released in the weeks and months to come. Watch this space for more information!

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