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Same Rules, Different Game: Mediolana’s 2020 Legal Notice Incorporates Higher Grades Faster!™

As the first stirrings of a new decade imbue our collective consciousness, some things remain reassuringly familiar – if not the same. This year’s Mediolana® Legal Notice refresh retains the classic formatting and colour scheme while referencing both the year 2020 and Higher Grades Faster!™ – the latter being an essential purchase for parents who want to get their teenager to the top of the class and beyond.

Head over to highergradesfaster.com to reserve your collectible Secret Launch™ copy of this unique DVD-based product, a course created by a double-scholarship winner from the world-famous University of Cambridge – and look out for the five international fashion model presenters!



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January Stars: New Year, New Legal Notice!

As the new year begins to find its own rhythm and the dates on the calendar begin to resemble something truly space age, we at Mediolana are relieved to announce that some things in this world stay reassuringly familiar – albeit with a twist. The new legal notice for 2019 combines our traditional mixture of Latin and katakana characters, but some of the content has markedly changed; what these non-cosmetic alterations represent will be made evident in the coming months. In the interim period, stay – as they say in the industry – tuned!

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Arresting Development: Mediolana’s 2018 Legal Notice ‘Arrives One Day Early’!

As yet another incredible year becomes nothing more than a carefully-curated selection of beautiful memories, we at Mediolana are getting down to the real gritty-gritty of publishing this blog’s 2018 Legal Notice. Those with a curious passion for all things regulatory should head over to legal.mediolana.com, where a selection of on-topic documents – including the Terms and Conditions of using this company’s web presence – await you. See you there!


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2015: New Year, New Blog Graphics!

Regular readers of this blog will have doubtless noticed the following new graphics: contemporary spins on our classic Legal Notice design!

Blog Sidebar 2015Legal Notice 2015


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Legal Notice

Mediolana Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 07397007. Registered office: Office 4, 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 6BD, England, United Kingdom. Electronic mailing address: mediolana.publishing@gmail.com. URL: http://www.mediolana.com (coming 02/2011). Blog: http://www.mediolana.wordpress.com. Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mediolana#. Mediolana, Seksi, Seksifootball, MEDIOLANA”, “MEDIOLANA” “MEDIOLANA”,カッコイイMEDIOLANA”, ,カッコイイ, “セクシーな, “andare trade marks of Mediolana Limited and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. ©1999-2011 Mediolana Limited.

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