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H2 2017: The Time for the Future-Minded #edu #edchat #edtech

Our customary periodic makeover has a sense of urgency like none that has preceded it.

H2/2017 will be an unprecedented time for anyone who cares about their future. Stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress and be the first to find out why.



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New + Improved: 2017 Imminence ‘Inspires Mystery Makeover’!

As 2016 hurtles insanely towards its inevitable end, we at Mediolana are looking to the future – but with a bit of a twist. Our latest social media header is not only stylistically different from anything we have previously produced, but there is no customary advertising message – just a notation signifying the first half of next year in true corporate convention. H1/2017 may already be a meme worthy of its own fashion label, but what does it actually stand for? As usual, all will ultimately be revealed. Stay tuned!

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Eclipsing #London Fashion Week? A New Season Brings a New Digital Header!

As wet turns to wetter in what is still something of a global hub, we at Mediolana’s London HQ thought that it was high time to mark this seasonal switch with a new and glorious social media header. (The uninitiated can see it on our Twitter and Facebook pages, too.) It serves as a neat reminder that while the world may change beyond recognition, some constants remain – including that element of mystery. Let us know your thoughts via the usual channels. Forza!

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Twitter.com/Mediolana is Rebranding!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.02.13In the cacophony of ephemera that constitutes Twitter, very few of the 500m or so registered accounts stand out as worth following. Twitter.com/Mediolana is one of them: luminaries such as Stacy Herbert (co-presenter of the internationally-syndicated Keiser Report), Naomi Wolf (author of more New York Times bestsellers than anyone sane can really stand) and Alessio Rastani (world-famous trader who is synonymous with our changing times) all subscribe to our Twitter feed.

The rebranding of this blog in January 2014 having got well underway, Twitter.com/Mediolana is now following suit. Follow us – and see the amazing changes over the coming weeks and months!

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