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Getting Closer to the Big Reveal: H2/2018 Makeover Provides Hints of Things to Come! #edu

As summer turns into yet more summer in Mediolana’s London heartland, another light blog and general social media refresh is in order as we cascade towards the ‘big reveal’.

Stay cool as things hot up by pinging the like button us on Facebook; joining journalists and commentators from RT, Al Jazeera and the BBC in following our Twitter musings; or subscribing to this very WordPress.com account.

See you all again very soon!


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The Eternal Season: Mediolana’s Social Media Presence Gets Stunning 2016 Makeover!

As climate change begins to scare the bejesus out of us here in an unseasonably warm London, we at Mediolana are taking time to reflect on our new social media header. This may seem paradoxical, but it really is a thing of beauty. Behold – and tell us what you think via the usual channels. Our legal sidebar notice has also changed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 20.54.40


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Mediolana: Now With Sharing Options Galore!

On the cusp of Valentine’s Day, we at Mediolana are besotted with the new sharing options that we have integrated into our blog. Welcome to Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn, glorious highlighters all. The only remaining dilemma: which of our 400+ blog posts from 1st January 2011 to date to distribute?  


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New ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ Sections for Mediolana!

Our burgeoning regular readership will doubtless notice that two new pages – one a revamp, the other an entirely novel phenomenon – have sprouted on this blog: the revised ‘About‘ page, and a totally new ‘Contact‘ tab. Those wishing to offer extended feedback about any of our blog entries, or learn a little more about Asad Yawar – mediolana.wordpress.com’s chief blogger and CSO – can now do so!


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Grazie, Gabriele! Times, SI and Corriere dello Sport Journalist Marcotti RTs Mediolana!

Checking the statistics for the Mediolana blog – the first post of which was published on 1st January 2011 – has become an increasingly pleasant experience as this extraordinary year has unfolded. However, when poring over our graphs during the past 24 hours, we were struck by the phenomenal spike in traffic that this site was experiencing. Had the use of the word ‘seksi’ in yesterday’s blog post on the good women of Istanbul caused the surge in traffic? Was it the use of heart and gender symbols in the title? Or was WordPress.com – our blogging portal of choice – playing cruel tricks on us?

None of the above, dear reader. Instead, we discovered that no less an authority than Gabriele Marcotti – a writer of distinction who pens columns for The Times, Il Corriere dello Sport and Sports Illustrated – had retweeted our piece ♀♥Welcome to Heaven: Fenerbahçe’s Women Redefine ‘Seksi Football’ ♥♀. The fabulously multilingual Marcotti – who has also been on the books at the Financial Times and is regarded by many in his industry as the football journalist’s football journalist – felt that our take on the horde of Turkish females that amassed earlier this week in Kadıköy was good enough for his 73,000+ followers on Twitter to be notified of its publication. Could we at Mediolana be forgiven for replicating the time-honoured celebration beloved of all slightly provocative footballers – cupping our hands next to our ears and asking the rest of the blogosphere: who are ya?

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Mediolana: Losing Count at WordPress.com

Good grief, reader. There we were, set for a typical summer’s evening in London – all grey skies and polite humidity – when we noticed yet another upward spike in our traffic, accompanied by referrals from the world’s largest blog host. Could it be that this blog was being featured – yet again! – on the pages of WordPress.com, which at the time of writing hosts about 24,000,000 + WordPress blogs, any one of which can in theory be given exposure by the .com editorial team? Can you guess the answer?   

Is mediolana.wordpress.com setting some kind of WordPress.com referral record? What are we doing right? And what are the odds of this very post getting the heads-up from our friends at WordPress? Time, indubitably, will tell…


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Mediolana: Synonymous With Education (According to WordPress.com)

We watched the graph; up, surely, it spiked. We glanced across to the traffic referrers, and in an instant the trajectory was explained: WordPress.com featured mediolana.wordpress.com once again in their education tag section. AC Milan and Germany midfielder Alexander Merkel, the subject of our 17th May 2011 blog post, is clearly a subject that the world’s biggest blog provider deems worthy of serious consideration.

As Possibly the World’s Most Interesting Blog.™ continues to surprise, we wish to say a big danke to Alexander and WordPress.com. Coming soon on mediolana.wordpress.com: the United Arab Emirates, China and much more!


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